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My New Blog

Well, I finally did it. I caved in to peer pressure and started a blog. But I still refuse to make a Facebook page or Tweet my most mundane bits of personal trivia to the world. Who would be interested in those kinds of details about me anyway? I bore myself daily. I can’t imagine inflicting that on everyone else, too.
However, I do have some projects in the works that probably need some attention. First is the website: . This is not another forum or community for directors, but hopefully will serve as a type of Yellowbook listing for all active Sims 2 and Sims 3 machinima directors. It won’t be a very interactive site, so you won’t find folks just hanging around there in chat rooms. But what it will do is streamline the process of finding good machinima when fans are in a mood to search for it. If all goes well with the database, directors will be sorted by platform and genre, making it easy for viewers to watch the kinds of movies they like, such as series, music videos, drama, horror, comedy, etc. Each director who registers will get their own page, which won’t be entirely customizable because that’s what their own website  or channel page is for.  But the goal is to get browsing fans to visit their own page, so shameless self-promotion is encouraged.
In designing and creating this website, I and my site builder have run into problem after problem. These problems wouldn’t exist if either of us was a professional coder. But we’re not. I can barely figure out how to check email half the time. He has experience with some aspects of web design, but works a full time job that has nothing to do with IT. Yet we both agreed that the advantages of building a site from scratch (i.e., Dreamweaver as opposed to the packages available online) far outweigh the disadvantages. The site is now live and more or less functional. But we’re focused on behind-the-scenes issues, like security to prevent malicious attacks that might result in site defacing, redirecting, or harvesting of user email information. And this is where the whole process has ground to a halt. Learning this stuff takes time, so I certainly hope everyone will bear with me.
In other news, I’m still hard at work on my next machinima project. “Left On Stonehaven” is a novel written by a dear friend of mine, and it simply begged for a machinima trailer. I can’t do a “real” trailer because of the EA Games EULA which prohibits commercial use of any type. But I can do a “fan fiction” machinima, which gives me a little more creative license anyway. So I’m really “letting it rip” with this film, and I think it’s safe to speak for Carol (the author) and myself when I say we’re having a blast with it!
Anyone who has read my posts anywhere on the Internet for the past three months has heard me talk about working on this new video. Yet I seem to be making no progress. Oh, but I am! The holdup on that front, just as it is with the website, is the very steep learning curve I face. For this machinima, I’ve had to learn to mesh new objects, mesh new accessories, do more advanced post-production work, and synch dialogue. Gaah! This will be a very different type of machinima than my previous four, and I’m excited about its release.
Some images from the Stonehaven set:

And this is where it all begins. . .at the end. 😉

Is he really there? . . .or not? (The dogs knew. . . .)

a vision in white


Oh, how clever the ruse.

"Stronger than ropes or locks."


When the alternative is nothing, you'll wear anything.


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