The Hurricane Novelette: “Before Our Time”

Today I’m releasing the novelette I wrote to accompany “Hurricane.” It’s slightly more than 13,500 words, written for the young adult audience. But it does deal with mature themes and events. I would rate it T for Teen.

This download is free because it’s intended as a test, one that will hopefully help me find my audience and see where my market lies. Therefore, all feedback is welcome, and while I’ll delete silly or inane comments by the Suxx Brigade, any sincere and well-contemplated critique will be welcomed and appreciated, for the simple reason that it will help guide my future projects in a better direction. After all, I’m not writing for me. I’m writing for my readers, and I truly value your input whether you’re twelve or ninety.

“Before Our Time” is not a retelling of the machinima. It’s a character-driven piece that explores some coming-of-age issues and moral dilemmas. You’ll get to meet Mandy and Kyle before the accident and learn what draws them together. You’ll also meet a new character who might be able to carry her own machinima and novelette in the future. Lord knows she’ll have enough baggage. The ending of “Before Our Time” is deliberately muted, because the machinima tells the rest of the story.

For anyone visiting this page who might not have seen the machinima, here it is:

It doesn’t matter if you watch the machinima first or read the novelette first.

Also, please note that Diane Ryan is the pen name I’ve used for “Before Our Time,” and is the pen name I intend to use for all future novels. It’s not my real name, but the middle names of both my children. I’m planning ahead for huge success 😉 and a girl has to protect her privacy from the masses, right?

Below are the downloads. One is for Kindle and the other is PDF, which should be compatible with. . .well, just about anything.

Before Our Time, PDF

Before Our Time, FOR KINDLE


2 responses to “The Hurricane Novelette: “Before Our Time”

  1. YAY!!! I’ve been waiting for this day. Releasing the novel. Send up the balloons, throw the confetti, call out the crowds! Rhonda–this is beautifully written. Clean, economical prose. GREAT characters and conflicts! Witty dialogue.

    Kyle is quite the mystery man until Mandy sifts through the rumors and probes beneath the mystique and finds what’s really in his heart and on his conscience.

    At 13,500 words, this is a quick and easy read with lots of rich material to ruminate on. I look forward to discussing it with fellow fans.

  2. Oh, you just wait until you release your novel or novella, whichever comes first. I’ll getcha back with the dynamic review. 🙂 Unfortunately, I don’t write them nearly as well as you, but you can believe I’m gonna try!

    I got my first custom pose to work in the game! YAY! It’s a simple one, but it’s also an overlay, which means the Sim can speak and have facial expressions while sitting in a certain position. No mean feat, let me tell ya. But I’m learning.

    Back to Milkshape now. . . .

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