When meshing goes horribly wrong. . . .


All through the process of filming this machinima, I’ve shared with Carol all the goofy stuff that happens on set and with my attempts to create custom content. She’s been after me to make a blooper reel, and that isn’t out of the question. But for now, here are some screen shots that some folks might find entertaining. 🙂


So THIS is why Dr. Pixel said to never move the Milkshape object from its original position. . . .










uhmm. . . .










Well, his mama always said his head wasn't screwed on right.











What happens when Windows 7 meets Sims 2. Or, what happens when your crappy video card loses the texture.










Chorus line, anyone?








Dude! Your ass is on fire!



6 responses to “When meshing goes horribly wrong. . . .

  1. LOL Great bloopers! I love the butt on fire one!

  2. TOO FUNNY!!! Thanks for posting, Rhonda. Moosey in ballet mode — I hadn’t seen that one. What the heck, I can’t wait for the video of out-takes!

  3. Hahahahaha! Really had me laughing out loud. Very funny indeed.

  4. Hi, Odara!!! Good to see you here! 🙂

  5. You know what burns my ass (a flame about this high)

  6. Rhonda, I tried to post a comment on the video (sneak preview), and kept getting an error message. Not supposed to be able to comment? I meant to say this: Rhonda — WOW!! — the sheer number of technical achievements here is mind boggling. That handshake. The number of cars driving and turning corners. The parking lot of the hospital. Romany sagging against the wall, sliding down, hugging her knees. The scene inside the jail. (By the way, when Julian looks at that tattoo, his eyelids have an odd dark streak — is it just my pc?). You’ve done so many cool things here! (And then I ran out of characters, then couldn’t post.)

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