Guest Blogger: Odara, Out Of The Closet

A few days ago my last post, “Outed,” received a comment that read like a blog post itself. Odara is someone I met through the machinima community, the producer of an outstanding new series called “Guardian Angel.” She’s a teacher by profession, a wife and mother and inspiring presence on the Web. I thought it fitting to move her comment to the main blog, into a bit of spotlight, where hopefully it will be read and enjoyed by many others.

Thank you, Odara!

Out Of  The Closet

How it happened I don’t know. I told a male teacher about my machinima hobby and he says to me, “You have two children, how do you get time to do that?” Now, I would like to punch him but then, I felt ashamed. I suddenly saw myself as an immature, time-wasting, neglectful mother, since I couldn’t possibly have two children and still find time to engage in Sims machinima. He was the first and only person outside of my immediate family to know and what a response. (Oh let me at him! Let me at him!)

Yet, I’m not an immature, time-wasting, neglectful mother. I’m still very focused and good at my job, my IQ hasn’t dropped. On the contrary, my creativity is enhanced, my social network has grown, I’ve learned from others and have helped others. So I find time to pursue a hobby – what’s wrong with that? Why blame me for having advanced time-management skills?

My problem, though, is having to explain to most people what machinima is and once the word “game” comes up, then that’s it. They won’t listen any more. Sigh. I still haven’t reached the stage of fully coming out of the closet. But the audience is changing. It is widening. We’re breaking ground just as former directors did, just in a different way. We’re blazing another trail. I imagine one day our grandchildren would come to us for movie making advice while their parents sit and wonder what they missed.



3 responses to “Guest Blogger: Odara, Out Of The Closet

  1. Oh, thank you, Odara, for sharing this! My 18-yr-old daughter still believes machinima is only for weird Emo and Goth kids, not adults, nor people with sophisticated tastes. grrrr, snarl. Sometimes I want to drag her brother and her to WWF matches or Nascar races (no, I’ve never attended any) just to broaden their outlook. I loved what Rhonda was doing from the moment she introduced me to machinima. When she explained Sims, I was fascinated. “Don’t play Sims,” my daughters tell me. “You’ll just get hooked.” They look at Rhonda’s videos and say she must have special software and secret tools to do the impossible the way she does. My 18-yr-old’s Sims people keep starving. She can barely keep them alive, much less get them up a tree, or holding a camera or a drink, or driving a car. My son thinks Toy Story is the standard now for all animation. My husband, God bless him, notices how horrible today’s cartoons for kids are, and wonders why they don’t just use Sims or moviestorm instead of that choppy, cheap animation. (South Park is different: love the look. Hate the vulgarity.) I still haven’t played Sims myself, but I do have my own level of snobbery: Farmville?? I blocked my own sister with all her gaming requests.

    Odara, you are indeed blazing a new trail with Rhonda! Slap those nay-sayers and forge ahead!

  2. Brilliant film. Very moving! 🙂

    I think it’s that before people take time to watch some machinima, they don’t realize it’s story writing and movie making. They don’t realize it’s an art form. But even if they did, they’d still ask, “How do you have time for that?” People ask my sister, a bead and fiber artist, how she has time for it. It’s funny, but when people talk about watching TV, sports, or going shopping, I never ask them how they make time for it.

  3. quote”when people talk about watching TV, sports, or going shopping, I never ask them how they make time for it.” unquote
    Some how I’m going to use that line in one of my films! lol We can always find the time for people or things that we love, by elementarily the things we don’t!

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