The Cute Factor

Okay. I digress for a moment. No Sims 2 machinima, no long-winded rambles about writing this time. Just pure. . .cute.

I am happy to report that Lively the groundhog is on track to make a full recovery. Amazing, given the extent of her injuries. Some of you may not be the least bit interested in this bit of good news. Please don’t feel compelled to keep reading; I’ll stay on topic next time. But since I know several of you have been following her progress, I decided to go ahead and post some photos of her.

Lively is my first experience with a groundhog, a.k.a. woodchuck, or marmot. They aren’t indigenous to the Deep South, where I grew up. I had no idea if their fur was soft or coarse, if they were ill-tempered or sweet-natured. Well, I can’t speak for every groundhog, but Lively is a bundle of pleasant surprises with very pet-able fur.

She is still a wild animal and a candidate for release. But due to the nature of her injuries, I had no choice but handle her more than I ordinarily would. And she let me. Never a nip, never a bite. Yesterday I gave her a bath. She didn’t like it, but this wild animal was easier to lather, rinse, and repeat than most domestic cats. Go figure.

I knew Lively had turned a corner in her recovery when, as I stood in the laundry room folding towels, she waddled into the room behind me, sniffed around a bit, then climbed unceremoniously into my empty front-load washing machine and started spinning the drum like it was an oversized hamster wheel. By the time I caught my breath from laughing, she had crawled out and waddled into the living room, where she found the cat basket and proceeded to. . . well, I’ll let you see for yourself.

Lively in the cat basket

A closer view

Wow. Look at those choppers!

So, Cindy. . .if you thought you wanted one before. . . .


3 responses to “The Cute Factor

  1. Now this is the cutest little pet. I can see she has claimed the old kitty basket.

  2. Cute times 10!!!! And I thought my turtles were too cute. Yes. I still want one.

  3. Unbelievable!! HILARIOUS! Rhonda, this creature looks more personable than a lot of cats I’ve known. Maybe the trick is to get a dog to attack the cat you’re adopting so it will be grateful to you for nursing it back to health? –Nah, the cat will just hate dogs and nurse an injured attitude. Sorry cat lovers, my own cat is keeping me from writing with all his whining and complaining lately. We rescued him from the pound after 3 months in a cage, the little ingrate… might as well feed chipmunks outside my window instead. They don’t stare at me and whine/meow/whine until I bring out more sunflower seeds.

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