Groundhog Update

Earlier it occurred to me that I never followed up with the groundhog story’s happy ending.

Lively did return to the wild after about two weeks of rehab. Hopefully, this gave her plenty of time to finish fattening up and get her burrow ready for hibernation. We’ve had our first snow of the season so I hope she’s all snug underground by now.

These are the pictures Scott took on the day of her release. At the actual moment of her release, actually. . .well, you’ll see what I mean.

Lively thinking about leaving

Lively leaving. . .LOL!


7 responses to “Groundhog Update

  1. How did you film what looks like the dust of a sudden exit?? COOL! I’m so glad you nursed her back to health and hope you’ll see her again come spring. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Maybe Liveley will come in the spring to thank you for all the tender loving care you gave her.

  3. Lol. The second picture reminds me of the old cartoons in which characters left in a ‘vooosh’ and left a shadowy trail like that behind them. That must have been some speed. It would be nice if you see her again.

  4. One guess where I ‘borrowed’ this from:
    Rhonda : Scott, let’s free her!
    Scott: What?
    Rhonda: Let’s free Lively! We can take her out back and put her back in the wild.
    Scott: I don’t like this job anyways!

  5. Speedy Gonzales!

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