Synchronicity of the Best Kind

This morning I received an email that got me so excited I did a Snoopy dance. Through Carol, I learned that a fellow IWW-affiliated writer clicked on the Stonehaven link and an ad for her own novel popped up beside it. Now, that’s more than coincidence. That’s synchronicity, perhaps even Providence.

Even more fascinating, the ad also featured Ann Hite’s novel, Ghost On Black Mountain. Here’s what Rebecca had to say when she sent me the screenshot (quoted with her permission):

“Rhonda– here ya go. Carol sent me the link for your video of her novel, and when I pulled it up I also saw this B&N ad for my book and Ann’s (hers in duplicate, no less!). As you can see from the search bar and my tabs, I had been spending my evening doing some narcissistic Googling of my reviews and watching South Park and Malcolm in the Middle videos. Such is the life of a novelist under deadline and champion procrastinator. Enjoy :-)”

I can’t put my finger on why this thrills me so much. Sure, I’m tickled to death for Rebecca and Ann. But it’s more than that for me. Like walking through the streets after Apocalypse and seeing other living humans rise from the rubble, unscathed and healthy. Most other writers know that the condition of the current publishing industry is apocalyptic at best. But this. . .THIS. . .is thrilling, and I will shamelessly enjoy the moment with Rebecca and Ann and wish them success beyond their wildest dreams.

The photo will enlarge with enough clarity for you to read the Barnes and Noble ad on the right side.


2 responses to “Synchronicity of the Best Kind

  1. That is SO COOL!!! Of all the new novels out there, what are the chances they’d advertise two IWW novels? I hope the answer isn’t that cookies and spyware connected us with Ann and Rebecca.

  2. Sharon Spencer Schlesinger

    I drag out my favorite quote by Goethe on ever occasion where it seems to be proof positive that the stars align for us. “At the moment of commitment the entire universe conspires to assist you.”


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