Left On Stonehaven, excerpt

Allow me to introduce the opening chapters of a true masterpiece: Carol Kean’s Left on Stonehaven.

Meet the cast of Stonehaven in this explosive introductory excerpt. Take a journey through their world of teenage angst and adult depravity, where egos clash with blind faith and monsters lurk in the beds of children rather than under them. Travel through time and space with Julian as he taps into the consciousness of an entire town, close your eyes with Romany as she retreats deep into herself to block out the horror her life has become.

Most of all, enjoy the read.








4 responses to “Left On Stonehaven, excerpt

  1. Oh yay! It’s even Kindle ready. I’m so excited! 🙂

  2. I just got through with the first reading. I like to read twice before I comment but not this time. I’ll probably just comment twice:)
    Firstly, I scrolled down to page 69 and got through two sentences before I realized that the syle was not the same. “Oh! This is not part of the story!” Then I was sad. I had reached the end of the excerpt. I was so engrossed!

    It was strange that even in the midst of this evoking story I found a few things to chuckle about- like when Romany came up with the new name for the rock band. That was so me at her age. I would have thought about something like that and doubled over with laughter while everyone else would be rolling their eyes. I also chuckled when Julian’s mother said: “I hear the anger in your voice young man.” I think I may have some use for that line.

    What I particularly liked about the writing is the switch in character point of view from chapter to chapter. A little more about each character was revealed each time and with each encounter I got to know them better. As a reader, I ‘experienced’ the doctor in particular. (I’m trying to find the right words to say this) It was as if I was watching an artist paint a picture and got to see it unfold. In this case it was the doctor’s character profile. From the way he crafted the first false identity on facebook to the vulgar things he says to Romany after he’d gotten her. It just made me shake my head in disbelief at the monster he really is. The thousandth fb friend… accepted. That really stood out there.
    Romany as well… she reminded me of myself actually with her imaginations and writings in her head. Mature for her age yet, from an adult’s point of view she is just a child living her own little world and so easily manipulated. As the story went along I almost felt as drugged as she was. That came across so clearly! Her thoughts. Her fighting to make sense of what was happening around her. So sad.
    Then there is Julian’s story. He came across as such a nice kid. I liked how you balanced him. There was that bravery and boldness that came from his gift then there was that typical teen, falling for Sarana, disliking school, trying to figure out how to get around his mom. As for Gage – oh how I wanted to throw that man out of their house! How could they even attempt to meditate with him around. Geez, the man is annoying to say the least. He is definitely bad energy. Smoke him out, Julian! Lol!

    Okay, this is long. I need to stop. I think this book shoulld be read by teenagers as well as their parents. It should be read by teachers, social workers, policemen… even doctors. This book should be read. I am looking forward to the rest of this “true” story.

    • Odara, I daresay this is the singular most valuable review Carol has EVER received. You’ve addressed all the issues that have confounded her for months and given her exactly the kind of feedback she needs in order to proceed. You are a treasure, a rare find. Not because you “like” the excerpt, but because your insight offers far more substance than all of the “professional” critique she has received, combined. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And God bless you.

  3. Ohhhh, Rhonda, ditto that, and Odara, THANK you — you have no idea how the timing of your comments is as crucial as the feedback itself. So many people told me I did this wrong, and that wrong, and you *got it* — you get it! Hallelujah! You have a new fan for life. Do you have any idea how many people told me to get rid of the rocks in my novel? But you got Romany’s wordplay with schistocity and the slaty cleavage…. I LOVE YOU!!!!

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