Two Very Interesting Articles

A while back, Safeguaard’s online magazine discovered my blog and placed a link to it in their library of machinima articles. This thrilled me to death and has earned me quite a few views that I wouldn’t have gotten otherwise. So I subscribed to this magazine and now get several notifications a day about interesting machinima-related articles.

Today, “interesting” doesn’t even begin to cover it. First, I learned that Google has invested in an online organization called “Machinima.Com.” I’ve known about Machinima.Com since my first days in the machinima community, but this move by Google assigns it a whole new level of importance. Not to mention the fact that it validates my work on these book trailers in a way I knew would happen eventually–just not this soon. Read the Forbes article here.

Then Safeguaard posted another link to an article about Amazon’s influence on the current publishing world as well as movies and video production. It echoes everything that’s being discussed and debated in professional writing circles worldwide. Read the CNET article here.

Hope you enjoy these articles. I certainly did!





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