The Syzygy Trailer

Yay! Today is the day Amanda’s trailer goes public. You can watch the higher quality version HERE. Be advised we’ve had some issues with this hosting domain, so if the video doesn’t play for you, you can also watch it on YouTube HERE. We’re working to get those issues resolved, so if you do have trouble viewing the video, please let me know.

I noticed last night that the email notification about my bird post came into my inbox very wide, so wide I had to scroll back and forth to read it. I assume it has something to do with the size of the photos, but I’ve uploaded large picture files before and not had that problem–at least not that I’m aware of. Please accept my apology if you encountered the same thing.

Time to go feed the birds. They’re all screaming at me today. I wish you could hear them.


7 responses to “The Syzygy Trailer

  1. Well done, Rhonda. The main link took about 6 mins for the trailer to buffer or something. Didn’t quite know what was going on. However, when it played, the characters transported me into the story. Some of the shots were terrific, especially of the main guy. Boy, he’s wonderful. The teeth are still a problem with the inside ones flashing. Perhaps it would be better not to show the back ones. But hey, what do I know. This piece gives a good lead into the story. I know how hard you’ve worked on this and you are to be commended.

  2. Funny–the problem with Sims 2 was that the teeth DIDN’T flash. LOL!

    All kidding aside, I think this is actually a camera angle issue. I read an article recently that talked about certain angles that should almost never be filmed, such as into the mouth/up the nose. So I’m still learning, and I hope I never stop.

    Francene, who knows what’s going on with that main hosting site. Scott sent an email to tech support to complain about it, but we haven’t heard back yet. We uploaded the file in the correct format for streaming and we’re supposed to have unlimited bandwith. So I have no clue what’s going wrong.

  3. I love my trailer! I’m happy! Just to let you know. Very happy! 😀

  4. Very well done. I’m sorry I don’t know that much about iclone to really do you justice with my comments but I do know you’ve worked really hard at the animations and characters, so congratulations! What happened to the spinning hat?

    • Odara, the spinning hat is there. 😉 You can see it as the camera pans past Tom on its way to Finn. I ended up not having the screentime to really focus on it like I originally planned, but that’s the breaks. I had to make a decision: show off my “animating” chops or do what’s best for the production. I put “animating” in quotes because I’m still not sure that’s what I’m doing here. Yes, I’m using animation software, but true animators would probably be offended by my presumption to call myself one. And that’s their right. For me, figuring out how to manipulate these 3D images is pure means to an end. For true animators, it’s the penultimate, second only to the final result.God bless ’em, because without their commitment, I’d still be drawing stick figures in the mud.

  5. I worried about my hasty comment about the back teeth flashing all night. Sorry if I was tactless. I’m glad you didn’t take offence, Rhonda. I should remember this isn’t a critique group. You’ve done something none of us could have even attempted. I admire your determination and skill.

    • Francene, it’s official–you worry too much. LOL!

      Tactless? Are you kidding me? Francene–for the love of God and all things holy. . .please DO NOT stop giving me feedback like that. You and people like you who are willing to step up, pay attention to the details, and tell me what people really notice are my number one greatest asset as a writer and machinima director. This may not be a “critique group” but you are my critique peer. Observations like yours are invaluable. I could not continue on this path without them.

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