Syzygy (Amanda Borenstadt)

When the leader of Finn’s clan orders him to kidnap Bea Jones, Finn falls crazy in love. He risks his life by betraying his clan to protect her.  Finn Wilde is a computer-nerd trapped in a super strong body. He’s one of the Fir Na Gealaí, whose strength and speed surpass those of ordinary men.  The story is told by an alternately pensive then manic patient in a mental hospital.


Outlaws (William Weldy)

Ex-cop Josh Grant chooses to live as a recluse in the mountains of Idaho as penance for failing to protect his murdered wife and child in Detroit. His new serenity is shattered when he stumbles onto the murder of his only friend and an assault of his friend’s daughter, Jolene. By saving Jolene, Josh angers the Outlaws, a gang of vicious bikers. When they seek revenge, Josh must draw on old skills to keep he and Jolene alive.


Wind Over Troubled Waters (Francene Stanley and Edith Parzefall)

Corn World. Britland. After the great flood, only memories, debris and derelict buildings speak of a past civilization. Visions of these disturbing times haunt Cerridwen’s dreams. When her dying mother sends Cerridwen to find a mural in Saint Eyes and lead Britland into a better future, the young healer has little choice but to set out on a life-changing quest. Her ability to perceive auras convinces her to accept nature-attuned Trevly’s offer of protection.

Bent on adventure and enthralled by the promise of treasure, beautiful Sasha, cunning Aron and uncut Boris join forces to get the most out of life. Their selfish plans collide with Cerridwen’s when they learn about a powerful ring and a mural pointing the way to its location.


Ghost On Black Mountain (Ann Hite)

Nellie Clay married Hobbs Pritchard without even noticing he was a spell conjured into a man, a walking, talking ghost story. But her mama knew. She saw it in her tea leaves: death. Folks told Nellie to get off the mountain while she could, to go back home before it was too late. Hobbs wasn’t nothing but trouble. He’d even killed a man. No telling what else. That mountain was haunted, and soon enough, Nellie would feel it too. One way or another, Hobbs would get what was coming to him. The ghosts would see to that. . . .


The Rest Of Forever (M. Elaine Moore)

Though his heart is healing, Noah’s life is falling apart.  A tragic accident has taken the only woman Noah Myers thought he could ever love. But despite the pain of loss, he soon finds himself falling in love with the woman who killed her.


Abducted (Robert White)

Early Saturday morning small town detective, Tony Petrocelli, listens to a distraught mother tell him her ten-year-old daughter, Ashley, is missing. Tony and his hung-over, party animal partner, Eddy, interview the family and discover the inside of this pristine home isn’t anything like its façade. Does Ashley have the wits to use what she learned from dealing with her manipulative father to survive? A young girl’s cunning and bravery. A dedicated detective’s determination to find her. Will these be enough to keep Ashley alive?


All Novels By James Lockhart Perry

The Messenger, Cat Flight From Birdland, Exposure, and The Expatriate


The Story Makers (Tamara Pratt)

When the Story Makers drop their golden invitations from the sky inviting Eden and her friends at Arlington Academy to attend their dream mining auditions, the competition is on to demonstrate who has the most explosive dreams, and who will become Hollywood’s next big hit.

Once inside the Story Makers’ studio, surreal events leave Eden questioning: when is she dreaming, and when is she awake? She begins to recall memories that can’t be hers, never knowing the Story Makers have their own agenda. Deep inside Eden’s subconscious lie past secrets, which if revealed to the world, will destroy her family. And the Story Makers intend to uncover all of them.


Blood Fest: Chasing Destiny (Pepper O’Neal)

She didn’t know what she was or that what she was could get her killed… a struggling private detective in Los Angeles, Chase Alcott has no idea about her unique genetic makeup. So when she takes on a new client, an old man with ulterior motives, she’s unaware of the danger she’ll soon face. Traveling to England to solve a mysterious murder at the request of her new client, Chase encounters terrifying creatures she thought only existed in her nightmares only to find out she’s one of them. Caught in a web of evil and deception after learning some terrifying truths about her long dead parents, Chase doesn’t know who to believe. Does she dare trust the enigmatic Roman, a man with dark secrets of his own? He knew what she was he just had no idea what to do about her… English nobleman, Roman Fernwood, half-werewolf/half-vampire, doesn’t want a mate, especially not a half human/half-weretiger with no knowledge of what she is. But there’s something about Chase Roman can t resist in spite of his determination not to fall in love. Is it her fascinating American spunk and courage or her stunning cinnamon eyes? Or could it be the passion he senses just beneath her calm, unruffled demeanor? Whatever it is, Roman must keep her safe from those who want to kill her and find a way to show her what she is without driving her into the arms of the other Weres who also want her for a mate.



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